Behind CI: How We Redesigned Our Website, Audience First

Jess Berube AUTHOR: Jess Berube
Feb 27, 2024
15 Min Read

Today is Tuesday, which may be no one’s favorite day of the week—and yet we’re here with two Very Important updates that are cause for celebration. Consider this our pitch to make Tuesday the new Friday:

  1. The days are getting longer. (Slowly! Incrementally!) After months of a long, dark winter—one that makes you ask, “What was life like before this?”—the sun will set at 5:45pm today in New York, New York, and it’s just as beautiful as we imagined.
  2. Capacity Interactive got a new website. (Slowly! Incrementally!) After years of a long, dark redesign—one that makes you ask, “What was life like before this?—it officially went live in late January 2024, and it’s even more beautiful than we imagined.

Okay, the redesign process wasn’t dark, but it was long—like winter is for the polar regions or the Earth during an ice age. (Hey, we’re thespians over here! You have to expect some drama.) From budget planning to approval to process to launch, the full project took…a while. But going slowly meant we could be intentional, thoughtful, and data-driven.

We’re proud to share the result: a user-centric website that speaks to our industry audience by showcasing the core of who we are through copy, design, and digital strategy. And the best part? By sharing our process, we hope that you can find success in your website redesigns, too—just read on.

Why a New Website? Why Now?

A Modern Solution to Support Our Industry

As digital marketers, we all know that websites are the digital lifeblood of our organizations. A well-designed, optimized website plays a crucial role in connecting with audiences and driving conversions. But did you know that a well-designed user interface can increase website conversions by 200% and better UX design can do so by 400%?  How about that 94% of first impressions of businesses are design-related? 

If you’re a longtime CI fan, you already know that CI’s former website left something to be desired. And you might even just now be understanding, for the first time, what it really is we do. That’s OK—one reason we needed a new site was because our old one just didn’t communicate the breadth of our work with our clients. Maybe you knew we helped arts organizations market smarter through digital advertising and free resources, but did you know we also provide content creation & strategy, email marketing, and more? As data-driven digital partners to arts organizations, clarifying and showcasing the ways we now serve the industry we love was our #1 priority with the new site, further solidifying ourselves as trusted advisors in the digital space.