Engage Audiences

Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing is critical for arts organizations. Did you know one out of every five seconds on a mobile device is spent on Facebook? And over 80% of internet users have a Facebook account? How you tell your story on social, and how you ensure it is seen by the right people is critical to your success. Engaged fans are far more likely to share your organization’s content with friends, purchase tickets, and champion your organization. To market effectively there is much to consider, from fan acquisition to content strategy and advertising. We can help you build your an engaged and robust fan base and drive them to take action. Read more about how Facebook is the near perfect environment for arts marketing and how arts orgs should be using Snapchat.

Online Fundraising

Are you waiting for patrons to come to your website to donate or do you have an online fundraising strategy? From writing more compelling emails, to crafting social messages, using display advertising to support campaigns and integrating donations into your website, we can help you improve your digital fundraising. 

Build Community

AdWords/Search Engine Marketing

Google is the #1 referrer of traffic for most websites so how you appear on Google in fundamental to digital success. If you are a dance company in NYC, you want to appear on Google when a user types in “Dance Tickets NYC.” We can build, optimize, and manage your Google AdWords account.  See how we helped Bravo! Vail use non-branded keywords like “summer activities in Vail” to increase site traffic and ticket sales. Also see how we paired a Google Grant with a Google Paid account to grow Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s search conversions by 167%. 

Data-Driven Display

We can help your organization use data-driven display advertising to reach your best prospects. Through granular targeting we find your customers based on their online behaviors, demographics and interests. We can craft affinity audiences and lookalike audiences who resemble your buyers and find them at scale online. And we can help close the deal using remarketing. We track all campaigns for view-through and click-through conversions and provide you with regular reporting. We have seen remarkable ROIs on our display campaigns, both for single tickets, subscriptions, donations, and other offerings. See how we helped the Art League increase class registrations by 7% using digital advertising. See how we use digital advertising to sell subscriptions


Thousands of potential ticket buyers and donors are visiting your website and leaving without opting in for future messaging. To bring “phantom visitors” back, you rely on expensive paid media or just hope they remember you and return. Our plug-in, Leadacity, can help. Install a simple code snippet on your website and you can be collecting leads in under 24 hours. Learn more here.

Email Strategy

Email is an incredibly valuable tool in your marketing arsenal. Use it correctly and count on thousands of new dollars in donations and ticket sales. Capacity Interactive can review your email program and analytics and advise you on email collection, layout and content, segmentation, mailing strategy, triggered emails and more. Read our blog post on how email pays the bills.

Market Smarter

Capacity Classroom

Strengthen your digital skills in our small group workshops tailored for arts marketers. Sessions take place at Capacity Interactive’s midtown Manhattan office, or we can come to your city. Learn more.

Boot Camp

Join the geek-fest for arts marketers. Digital Marketing Boot Camp for the Arts is our annual, two-day conference 100% focused on digital marketing for arts and cultural organizations. Every year, we bring together the smartest professionals in the field to provide digital marketing expertise to help you sell more tickets and raise more money online. Learn more.

Digital Audit & Tune-Up

We will conduct a thorough evaluation of your overall marketing efforts, including an evaluation of your website, social media efforts, online advertising, email strategy, SEO and web analytics. We will provide industry best practices and recommendations to help you improve and succeed.

Digital Team Recruitment

We can help you hire a preeminent team to manage your website and digital marketing efforts. We leverage our experience working with and managing digital marketing teams across the arts industry to devise an optimal team structure and assemble an expert team for you. We can formulate job descriptions and provide rigorous screening and interviews to recommend top candidates.

Website Analytics

Most arts organizations are not using web analytics to its full potential. We can help you configure your analytics account to help you make smarter marketing decisions. We will help you monitor site usage, suss out trends, and make more money online. We will also train your staff to wade through the overwhelming amount of analytics information available to users. See how we helped Pacific Northwest Ballet use analytics to understand a critical element of their purchase path, and learn how you can get the most out of Google AnalyticsAlso read up on our POV about A/B testing your website.

Website Redesign Strategy

Many arts organizations jump into hiring a web vendor before pursuing some critical steps. We can help you clarify your website’s goals and objectives, conduct research to understand your constituent’s web usage, compile industry best practices, make recommendations on vendors and staffing, and help you through an extensive RFP (Request for Proposal) process to make sure you select the right vendor. We’ve overseen many website redesigns and can help you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes to get your site launched and running efficiently with less drama. Read our tips on steps to take before you start your website redesign project.