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Respect your visitors’ privacy while retaining valuable data

User privacy is an integral piece of today’s digital landscape. This shift is great for humanity and can feel tough on digital marketers. You want to be ready to meet your patrons’ expectations around data privacy, while taking advantage of the newer products and processes on digital platforms that allow you to continue measuring and advertising effectively. We’re here to help.

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Our privacy partnerships are tailored to your needs. We’re here to take care of the technical execution around implementing consent processes and tracking valuable data without the use of cookies. While we’re not lawyers, we can also help facilitate discussions around data privacy concerns with your colleagues and answer questions about the technical side of how advertising platforms handle user data.

Consent Management

Navigating user consent in a way that balances data, user privacy, and legal requirements is complicated. Ensuring your solution is working properly and understanding the implications for digital measurement is technical. CI can help alleviate these headaches by:

  • Communicating options and making a case to legal teams
  • Implementing consent banners with accept/decline options
  • Auditing and properly routing data flow from consent selections
  • Updating Google Analytics and campaign tracking to adhere to privacy selections

Recommended: Enhanced Conversion Tracking

Advanced: Server-side Conversion Tracking

Privacy Consulting

Explore CI's Privacy Resources

Webinar: Building Trust and Assurance by Respecting User Privacy

Privacy can seem like a maze, but in 2024, start with something. Dig into actionable ways you can prioritize privacy at your organization – such as through a task force, data collection, and more – with CI’s privacy experts.

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Navigating the New Privacy Landscape

More than ever, arts marketers need to be purposeful about data collection, responsive to privacy regulations, and respectful of their audiences’ preferences. In 2023 and beyond, it’s all about staying user-centric and privacy-focused.

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