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We’re proud partners to arts organizations across North America

Capacity Interactive is the premier digital marketing consulting firm for the arts. We work with organizations across genres and budget sizes to create holistic digital marketing strategies that build passion and drive revenue –– and we let our results speak for themselves.

Who we work with

A bilingual approach

Crystal Bridges Museum

We used the same content on the same platforms, but included both an English and Spanish version of each ad to try and reach both new and existing audiences.
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$16K Increase in Revenue

Cincinnati Art Museum

We used Meta's wider attribution window to unlock more accurate campaign data and develop a holistic view of audience behavior.
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More Efficient Campaigns

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

We implemented a tiered advertising strategy that minimized audience redundancies, decreased the likelihood of ad fatigue, and kept costs low.
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816% Onsale ROI

Goodman Theatre

We used a combination of Meta and Google channels, plus strategic flighting, to rock sales for the revival of an acclaimed musical.
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544% ROI

Film Forum

We tracked audience behavior over time and crafted a marketing strategy tailor-made for film fans.
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In two years we have grown our social media audience by 50%, video views by 40%, and active email subscribers by 56%. I’m so very proud of these successes, and so much of this was the result of our work with CI. I’m so grateful to have been able to partner with CI so often over the course of my career—they always deliver.

Mary Beth Smith
Mary Beth Smith Chief Marketing Officer, StoryCorps