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Digital Marketing Boot Camp for the Arts

Digital Marketing Boot Camp for the Arts is a two-day conference 100% focused on digital marketing for cultural organizations. This year’s conference will be October 24 -25 at Metropolitan West in NYC.

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Social Content Calendar for Arts Marketers

New year, new content!

Download the Social Content Calendar for Arts Marketers. We’ve outlined 81 arts-related holidays from January – April 2019 and added essential resources to help your social content stand out.

Around the Corner: Summer 2019


Demystifying Google Analytics

Does the Google Analytics (GA) login page haunt you in your dreams? It’s time to log in with confidence.

Watch our free series featuring bite-size, how-to videos to improve your GA skills.

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Capacity Interactive's Podcast Series

CI to Eye

Erik Gensler, President of Capacity Interactive, speaks with thinkers and leaders inside and outside of the arts about leadership, marketing, organizational culture, and innovation.

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More Leads = More Sales


A software plug-in to help you capture email addresses and Facebook likes on your website.

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Behavior Infuser

Behavior Infuser saves your patrons’ website behavior in Tessitura, and allows you to use that data to target email, mail, and telemarketing campaigns.

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In Focus: Repurposing Content for Instagram Stories

Discover how we helped ICA/Boston add Instagram Stories ads to their digital marketing mix to increase engagement and raise awareness in cost-effective ways.

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Uncovering User Intent with Google Analytics and On-Site Surveys

In preparation for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s website redesign, we used a combination of qualitative and quantitative data to help them better understand user intent and follow-through on their site.

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