Sell More Tickets By Collecting Email Addresses and Facebook Likes

Capacity Interactive AUTHOR: Capacity Interactive
Feb 07, 2013
2 Min Read

Many arts marketers are so focused on selling their current production, they fail to take a long-term view of lead acquisition.

There is nothing more important than growing a list of leads of people who care about you. In the digital realm this is comprised of email addresses and social media followers. With each new lead you collect, you need to pay less money to the 3rd party media middleman (i.e. newspaper and radio) when it comes time to sell tickets. That way, you will fill your theater much more quickly and cost-effectively.

Think about it. When it comes time to sell that new production which organization is going to do better:

– Organization A has over 50,000 email addresses they’ve collected from past ticket buyers and visitors to their website. They’ve focused on social fan acquisition and have 45,000 Facebook Likes.

– Organization B has the same annual budget size as A, but has not been focused on lead acquisition. They have just 20,000 addresses on their email list and just a few thousand Facebook followers.

Clearly A is in a far better position. With the large lead pool, A will need to spend far less on paid media. A few emails and social posts and the house will begin to fill. Organization B is going to have to work much harder to get press attention and pay much more money to the media to fill their house. They are in a vicious cycle of “renting” rather than “buying” their leads. This makes it harder to sell their current production and causes the vicious cycle to continue.

But buying your list takes time and effort; time many arts marketers do not have when faced with immediate sales goals. This is why we created Leadacity.

Leadacity is a website plug-in that helps you generate email addresses and Facebook “Likes” from your website visitors, the most fertile ground for people who care about your organization.

Organizations like Alvin Ailey, New York City Center, and Lincoln Center Theater have already captured thousands of new leads with Leadacity. We’ve seen Leadacity collect leads from as many as 4% of visitors on the pages it is placed on.

We built Leadacity especially for arts marketers knowing you have limited development budgets and want full integration with your email platform. Learn more about how it can work for you here.