Which Google Channel is Right for Me?

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Erin Mast AUTHOR: Erin Mast
Apr 25, 2024
8 Min Read

You may have noticed quite a few shifts in the Google landscape as of late: Discovery campaigns have been upgraded to Demand Gen, Performance Max is Google’s new golden child, and some campaign types that have done well in the past might be struggling to achieve the same levels of success now.

Just like assembling a team for a group project, you want to make sure your combined efforts on Google are supported by a mix of channels that bring a variety of strengths and opportunities. To help you assemble your Google Dream Team, here’s everything you need to know about the current roster of Google advertising channels: Paid Search, PMax, Demand Gen, YouTube, Display.

Your Dream Team at a Glance

*Ready to Buy vs. Reaching New Audiences

When it comes to targeting different audiences, we at CI use “the marketing funnel.” At the top of the funnel are folks new to your world. When we say “upper funnel” in this post, it refers to targeting new audiences. “Bottom of funnel” refers to those ready to buy—they’ve been in your orbit for some time, have engaged with your content again and again through various advertising efforts, and are primed for a purchase.