Quick Tips for Arts Marketers: Domain Verification

Capacity Interactive AUTHOR: Capacity Interactive
Mar 05, 2018
2 Min Read

This one goes out to all the social media managers. Do you remember the days when Facebook allowed you to edit linked content in a post? I remember them fondly, just like my Lisa Frank® trapper keeper and getting asked for my ID every time I went to a bar.

Nostalgia aside, there is a way to relive those glory days and improve the quality of your linked content through a process called domain verification.

Here’s the gist: by confirming ownership of your organization’s website domain in Facebook’s Business Manager, you can edit any content from posts that link to that site. Why is this important? It’s a step towards ensuring that only verified owners can modify the way their content appears on Facebook. It essentially protects the integrity of publisher’s content.

The process is simple and can be implemented for multiple domains, but you may need to cozy up to the IT department or your web developer, as you either need to access your DNS server or place some HTML code. The Facebook Developers website provides some easy step-by-step directions for domain verification.

Once you verify a domain, you can modify photos, headlines, and descriptions that auto-populate when you reference a link from that domain in your Facebook post drafts.

Happy posting!