A New Solution to Help Tessitura Organizations Market Smarter

Capacity Interactive AUTHOR: Capacity Interactive
Jul 11, 2018
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At CI we are always thinking about how we can help arts organizations use digital tools to help you reach your sales and marketing goals.

Over the years we have helped hundreds of organizations build out digital infrastructures to better understand how users are interacting on arts websites. We have become very good at capturing granular user behavior online. When a user interacts with your website, they are providing you with rich data about their interests and intent. But this data has always been anonymous in Google Analytics and in advertising platforms like Facebook and Google Adwords.

A few years ago we asked, “What if we could de-anonymize this data and send it into Tessitura so our clients could then use it to trigger personalized messaging?” How amazing would it be to use that data to send each user personalized emails, create direct mail lists and telemarketing lists?

Introducing Behavior Infuser

What started as an idea grew into a side project, and we eventually figured out a technical solution to get the data into Tessitura. We saw this idea was in fact achievable! We brainstormed about the potential uses of the data and were so excited about the possibilities, we knew we had to make this happen. We spoke to a host of arts marketers to gauge their interest and learn about their needs, hired a product manager, properly designed and built the platform, recruited alpha and beta clients, tested, and iterated. All of that leads to today, where I am so excited to announce the launch of our new product: Behavior Infuser.

With Behavior Infuser, organizations that use Tessitura can now identify website visitors and track their behavior from inside Tessitura. Behavior Infuser connects website visitors to Tessitura accounts, and tells us who they are and what they are doing. Behavior Infuser can track which pages a user visits, how they arrived at the site, what content they’re clicking on, and if they’ve added anything to their cart.

Enriching Tessitura with Website Behavior

Our top requirement in building Behavior Infuser was that it feeds into Tessitura and works with your email marketing solution. We know the number of platforms arts marketers need to learn and work with – our imperative was that we put the data inside the systems you already use. Behavior Infuser saves users’ website behavior in Tessitura and allows you to use that data to target email, mail, and telemarketing campaigns. No more guessing which users are interested in making a purchase, no need to learn a new user interface. You’ll have the data inside Tessitura to help you market smarter!

Two immediate use cases that Behavior Infuser empowers: sending abandoned cart and abandoned browse emails, so you can target users who’ve visited a key landing page, or added tickets, subscriptions, or donations to their cart, but haven’t completed a transaction.

Because the data is in Tessitura, you’re not limited to sending emails! You can add users to a mail or call list, providing new to file and high value prospects with that special touch. Want to know which of your users visited your Support pages? That’s a quick list pull now.

The best part? This all happens within your existing infrastructure. If you know how to use Tessitura, you know how to use Behavior Infuser.

Behavior Infuser in Action

Early results from our alpha clients are incredibly strong. The National Ballet of Canada, one of our amazing Alpha partners, saw $50,000 of trackable revenue in the first two months of using Behavior Infuser. And we know this is just the beginning of using the data to drive impact!

National Ballet of Canada Case Study statistics

Please visit the new Behavior Infuser website to learn more. A huge thank you to our alpha and beta partners, our development partners at JCA, the folks at WordFly and the Tessitura Network for their work and support of this project.

We are excited to help the Tessitura Community market smarter!