Your CI to Eye Podcast Episode Guide

Erik Gensler AUTHOR: Erik Gensler
Mar 21, 2019
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CI to Eye is a podcast for arts leaders who want to reach their full potential. Each episode is created to help you become better at your job so you can help the arts move forward.

We’ve produced over 100 episodes of CI to Eye to date which can be daunting to dive into. Fear not! Here’s an easy guide to help you find the right episodes. We’ll continue to update this as new episodes are released.

Last Updated: 1/30/24


Every Arts Organization Must Become a Media Company: Matías Tarnopolsky

Ideas that Unlock the Future for the Arts: Seth Godin

How Arts Organizations Can Survive a Pandemic: Brett Egan

How COVID-19 is Impacting Intentions to Visit Cultural Entities: Colleen Dilenschneider

Rock ‘n’ Roll Numbers—Classical Music Content during the Pandemic: Anastasia Boudanoque

The State of the Arts in 2020: Donna Walker-Kuhne, Tom O’Connor, and Jill Robinson

Tessitura’s New CEO on Reopening, Leadership Transition, and the Art of Listening: Andrew Recinos

A Glimpse into the Future—What U.S. Organizations Can Learn from Australia’s Reopening: Claire Spencer

What the Pandemic Changed: Live Conversation from Boot Camp 2021

I want to build a fundamental understanding of arts administration.

Chief Questioner of the Cultural Sector: Diane Ragsdale

Executive and Artistic Director of Carnegie Hall: Clive Gillinson

Turnaround King and President Emeritus of the Kennedy Center: Michael Kaiser

Words of Inspiration from 23 Cultural Leaders in 2018

Words of Inspiration from 20 Cultural Leaders in 2019

Words of Inspiration from 20 Cultural Leaders in 2020

I want to learn more about social/racial justice and/or equity, diversity, interdependence, and access.

Is Your Organization Anti-Racist?: Cardozie Jones

Broadway for Black Lives Matter: Britton Smith

Capitalism, Race, and the Evolution of American Theater: Robert Barry Fleming

Examining White Fragility: Robin DiAngelo

Classical Music’s Diversity Crisis: Afa Dworkin

The Robots are Coming for Us: Adam Huttler

A Vulnerable Conversation about Inequality in the Arts: David Stewart

Dissecting Privilege, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Traditional Orchestra World: Jessica Schmidt

Beyond Inclusion – The Art of Accessible Content: Lisa Niedermeyer

Theatre That Shatters Stereotypes about Disability: Adam Roberts

Perspectives on Anti-Racism from Six Leaders

How Do I Really Diversify My Audience?: Live Conversation from Boot Camp 2021

A Balanced Approach to Iterative Change: Sue Ann Rodriquez

Shifting Towards Greater Inclusivity and Accountability: Live Conversation from Boot Camp 2022

Sustaining DEIBA Commitments: Tips to Move the Needle and Hold Ourselves Accountable

Decolonizing Classical Music: CI to Eye with Loki Karuna

I’m interested in arts industry-specific research.

The Legendary Audience Churn Study: Jack McAuliffe

Culture Data Nerd: Colleen Dilenschneider

Critical Research for Arts Leaders: Zannie Voss

Understanding Media Habits of Ticket Buyers: Johnna Fellows Gluth

Live from Boot Camp with Tons of Data: Colleen Dilenschneider

Uncertainty is Keeping Your Audience Away: Peter Linett

A Massive Survey about the Arts in 2020 America: Arthur Cohen

What Arts Audiences Are Thinking About Now: Robin Cantrill-Fenwick

How Has the Pandemic Changed Arts Marketing?: Madeline Pollis

New Research: Arts Education Sparks Innovation, Optimism, & Resilience: Courtney J. Boddie and Russell Granet

Your Digital Marketing Priorities, According to 17,000 Ticket Buyers: Johnna Fellows Gluth & MP

I’m the leader of an arts organization and want inspiration and advice from my peers.

President of the National Civil Rights Museum: Terri Lee Freeman

Chairwoman and CEO of the Motown Museum: Robin Terry

Self Help for Arts Leaders: Betty Avila

Executive Director of Dance Theatre of Harlem: Anna Glass

Powerbroker of Contemporary Dance: Gina Gibney

Artistic Visionary: Joe Melillo

Leading an Organization with Empathy: Harold Wolpert

Leading Ballet Hispánico in America Today: Eduardo Vilaro

Getting Closer to Dance: Linda Shelton

Bucking Trends with Disciplined Communication: Aubrey Bergauer

Using Real Estate to Further Your Mission: John Schreiber

Celebrating Collaboration in the Dallas Arts District: Lily Weiss

Redefining a Cultural Center for the 21st Century: Deborah Cullinan

How Do We Compete with Netflix?: Emily Simoness

Executive Producer of the Apollo Theater: Kamilah Forbes

Leading through Chaotic Times: Live Panel from Boot Camp 2020

Leadership in Challenging Times: How to Motivate Your Team When The Going Gets Tough

I want to be a better fundraiser.

A Fundraising Masterclass: James Langley

Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts: Jane Chu

This is What Arts Leadership Sounds Like: Sharon Gersten Luckman

Sponsorship Guru: Jim Andrews

Why Your Arts Organization Should Adopt an Anchor Mission: Karen Brooks Hopkins

Grantmaking Guru: Ben Cameron

The Future of Arts Funding: Melissa Cowley Wolf

I need help and advice about design, branding, websites, or digital marketing tactics.

Transformative Digital Experiences: Mohan Ramaswamy

Marketing on the Road: Laura Matalon

Cultural Identity Branding Legend: Paula Scher

Improving Arts Websites with Data and Curiosity: Jenny Kreizman

Selling Emotion (via Video): Mark Ciglar

A Change Will Do You Good: Allison Fippinger

What’s Happening to Google Grants?: Kathleen McFarlane

Your ‘Digital Marketing for the Arts’ Questions Answered: Ashley Dunn Gatterdam

Should Your Arts Organization Produce a Podcast? Live Panel from Digital Marketing Boot Camp

Digital Marketing Is Evolving—How Can You Prepare?: CI Consultants

From Personal Brands to Brands with Personality: Jessica Watson

Navigating The New Privacy Landscape: User-Centric and Privacy-Focused Data Collection

Artificial Intelligence: The New Frontier or Unchecked Robots?

I’m curious about pricing, segmentation, or audience engagement.

Pricing Expert: Steven Roth

Sensational Segmentation: Andrew McIntyre

Multicultural Marketing Maven: Donna Walker-Kuhne

How the Art Institute Uses Data to Predict the Future: Andrew Simnick

The Enormous Customer Experience Opportunity in the Arts: Robert Phillips

Dynamic Pricing – What the Arts Can Learn from Starbucks and the Airline Industry: Sean Kelly

An Untapped Income Opportunity for the Arts: Jennifer Rosenfeld

How to Re-engage Audiences in New Ways: Competing with the Couch

Zeroing in On What Matters: How and Why to Prioritize High-Impact Work

I want to build my interpersonal skills.

Fighting Saboteurs with Jennifer Zaslow

Slowing Down: Jennifer Zaslow

Breathing Deeply: Mark Price

Uncovering Your Core Values: Ronnie Brooks

The Vulnerability of Leadership: Priya Iyer

The Power Of Curiosity: Fueling Success By Asking The Right Questions

My workplace culture needs help.

Master Ticket Slinger: Christopher Williams

Our People Crisis in the Arts: Jill Robinson

CI’s Origins + Lessons in Growth, Leadership, and Marketing: Erik Gensler

Fostering Change in Your Organization: Live Panel from Digital Marketing Boot Camp

Inside Google’s Employee Mindfulness Program: Nik Rama

The Great Boundary-Setting: Tom O’Connor

The Art of Healthy Work Cultures: Simple Adjustments to Energize and Empower Your Team

Entertain me.

In the Middle: Jeff Hiller and Jenn Harris

Legendary Theatrical Press Agent: Chris Boneau

Lessons in Audience Development from a Shameless Drag Queen: Jackie Beat

Jokes Land Better in Tight Spaces and Other Theater Design Trade Secrets: Joshua Dachs

I want inspiration and advice from arts marketing leaders.

The Most Networked Man in the Arts: Tom O’Connor

You’ve Cott: Thomas Cott

The Privilege of Leadership: Monica Holt

New York City Ballet’s Media Evolution: Karen Girty

How the High Museum Defies Museum Diversity Trends: Kristie Swink Benson

Modern Marketing Challenges: Live Conversation from Boot Camp 2020

Are Subscriptions and Memberships Dead?: Adapting Your Offerings to Audiences’ Evolving Needs

Empowered Decisions: Knowing When To Say Yes

Words of Inspiration To Power 2024: CI to Eye with 8 Cultural Leaders

I need a perspective outside of the arts industry.

What the Arts Can Learn from Sports Marketing: Amber Cox

Superstar Marketer: Meghan Keaney Anderson

Fitness, Nutrition, and Content Marketing Guru: John Berardi

How To Get What You Want From Creative People: Bonnie Siegler

Financial Wellness for Arts Administrators: Darren Sussman

The Most Human Company Wins: Mark Schaefer

Growth Secrets from the For-Profit World: Cameron Herold