What Else Do Your Facebook Fans Like?

Capacity Interactive AUTHOR: Capacity Interactive
May 18, 2010
1 Min Read

Through Facebook’s Insights, you can see your fan’s demographic data. Through the website Fan Page Analytics, you can see the other organizations and pages that your fans are likely to also be a fan of. This provides a fuller picture of your Facebook fan base.

Fans of New York City Opera, for example, are very likely fans of the The Metropolitan Opera, The Royal Opera House, and the Santa Fe Opera. No surprise there. But they are also more likely to be fans of NPR, The New York Times, Susan Boyle, and Michael Phelps. Gives a fuller picture, doesn’t it?

Let’s try another. Fans of Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre are very likely fans of ACT – A Contemporary Theatre, INTIMAN Theatre, and the Seattle Repertory Theatre. But they are also more likely to be fans of Starbucks, NPR, Glee and Kathy Griffin.

Try it for your organization here.

Hat Tip to Thomas Cott for sharing this site.
I highly recommend his email clipping service You’ve Cott Mail.
It’s a must read for any arts marketer.