Showing You Value Customer Opinions By Asking For Them

Capacity Interactive AUTHOR: Capacity Interactive
Mar 30, 2010
1 Min Read

This weekend I bought a new iPod at the Apple Store. By the time I left the store, there was an email in my inbox asking for my opinion in a survey about the service I received.

Today, I called Bank of America to ask about my account and two minutes after I got off the phone there was an email in my in box asking me to fill out a short survey with my opinion of the call.

Clearly, these companies care about the customer experience and want to improve it. The act of getting asked for my opinion shows that these companies clearly value it.

Are you doing this? Why not?

Create a simple survey in Survey Monkey or Zoho. After a subscriber or single ticket buyer calls in to your box office or ticket services office (and you have their email on file) send an email asking for feedback.

Worst case, they delete it. Best case, you get some valuable customer feedback.