Loosely Bound: A List of Books and Podcasts for Arts Administrators

Erik Gensler AUTHOR: Erik Gensler
Aug 09, 2018
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I sometimes get asked for a list of books or podcasts that I recommend. In honor of National Book Lovers Day (that’s a real thing), I’ve compiled a list. I’ve included links to the books on Amazon or, even better, buy them at your local bookstore.

I’m grateful to the authors and producers who put these together. They have taught me so much. Also, big thanks to the many people that have recommended these to me over the years!

Seth Godin Permission Marketing


These are foundational to our work at Capacity Interactive. They’re not the ‘latest and greatest’ books but rather ones that have had a significant impact on how I think about marketing and engaging people on and off the web.

Dear Client Bonnie Siegler

Leadership and Soft Skills

Over the years, I’ve consumed a number of books and podcasts about working with people and developing my soft skills. Below are some of my favorites.


This is my life’s work, and I think everyone’s life work!

Kaiser the Cycle

Arts Administration

I recently read this book again and found it to provide a powerful framework:


These books have influenced how I’ve worked with my team to build Capacity Interactive:


Here are three podcasts that have great guests, as well as interesting and relevant topics in mindfulness, business, and marketing: