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Team Olivia Lowe
Olivia Lowe


Senior Analyst

Digital Marketing

I grew up as a dance artist just 12 miles from Manhattan in Montclair, NJ.

Capacity Interactive first caught my eye in 2018 while I was earning my degree in physics and dance at Mount Holyoke College. Fast forward three years after completing their summer internship program, CI invited me to join full-time as an Analyst. Now a Senior Analyst, I nurture client relationships and present data-driven insights. Beyond my role at the office, I love to explore Brooklyn’s vibrant neighborhoods and sample new dance classes.

The latest from Olivia

Prepare for a Scam-Free Summer on Meta
Jun 17, 2024
2 Min Read
Prepare for a Scam-Free Summer on Meta
Summer is almost here! Don’t forget your last-minute spring cleaning, particularly in your Meta accounts. Meta has thousands o...