Meet Carly Baron

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Capacity Interactive AUTHOR: Capacity Interactive
Jan 24, 2018
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Hi, CI! is our monthly series featuring the best team we know – the Capacity Interactive team! You will learn more about the people who help arts organizations market smarter. This month, we’re featuring Carly Baron, one of our Consultants who loves to geek out about conversion tracking, encourages arts marketers to take their social content to the next level, and is a competitive ballroom dancer.

How long have you been at CI?
I joined the Capacity Interactive team in March 2017.

Where are you from originally?
I grew up in West Bloomfield, Michigan (about 40 minutes north of Ann Arbor) and also went to college at the University of Michigan – GO BLUE!

What were you doing before joining the CI team?
I started my career working in theatrical company and general management. I worked at Goodspeed Musicals as well as the Broadway engagement of WOLF HALL: Parts 1 and 2 here in New York. Right before joining the CI team, I was working for an executive search consulting firm. The combination of theatrical and corporate experience helped my transition to CI.

What drew you to work at Capacity Interactive?
During my time outside of the arts industry, it became apparent that the arts were especially important to my career. Having a passion for my work is so important to me, and the passion that lives and breathes at CI every day is infectious! I loved the idea of merging my two sets of experiences within the theatre and corporate consulting worlds, and it was great to find that fantastic balance here at CI.

What is something you love to geek out about at work?
I really love geeking out about conversion tracking (which probably puts me in a tiny group)!

What is it about getting into the weeds with conversion tracking that you enjoy so much?
Conversion tracking is very detailed and based on logic, which really energizes me! I think this type of problem-solving is super interesting, especially when troubleshooting a type of tracking that might not be working correctly. I love it because everything can be tested and verified that it’s firing properly (which gives me great peace of mind as well!). As much of our roles as arts marketers can be quite creative (especially when focusing on content, campaign strategy iteration, etc.), focusing on something like conversion tracking adds another exciting element to my work, which I really enjoy.

Outside of work, you’re a ballroom dancer, both socially and competitively. How did you first get involved in the ballroom dancing scene?
Yes, indeed! I started ballroom dancing during my first semester at the University of Michigan. I knew I wanted to get involved with an arts organization on campus and ballroom dancing was a new and exciting challenge for me. We were a competitive team of over 100 members – it was a great way to meet all different types of students with a shared interest in dancing. One of the great things about living in New York City now is its amazing ballroom dance scene (both socially and competitively). It’s such a great way to keep my skills sharp and build new relationships with other dancers.

What do you love most about dancing?
I love ballroom dancing because it’s an expression of artistry and technique, and there are solid, collaborative efforts that make a successful partnership. To succeed means you’re achieving a shared goal together with your partner, and that requires a great deal of trust and teamwork. It’s such a technical art form with a variety of styles, from the more regal Waltz to a very quick Jive, so there’s always something new to learn! For me, ballroom dancing is like speaking a special language with your partner, and that expression brings me such happiness!

What’s something about your job that makes you excited to come to work every day?
My CI colleagues are, by far, the most inspirational and energizing group of people I have ever known. Walking into the office each morning, I know I’m going to spend my day with a group of intelligent thought leaders who encourage me to be the best arts marketer I can be. My colleagues demonstrate such a palpable passion for the work that we do – it gives me such joy to come to work every day.

We heard you were in your high school’s color guard, which makes you part of the marching band geek world. Any fun #TBT pics you want to share?
Yes, I am most certainly a marching band geek! I especially loved marching band because there was no “bench” – each member was as valuable as the next, which is a great lesson in accountability at a young age. I’m on the left in this pic representing our band at State Finals in Michigan in 2008 (our show was called “En Garde!”). 


What’s one tip you can give to help arts organizations market smarter?
“Your ordinary is your audience’s extraordinary!” I love this mindset when thinking about social content. You may think the things you see every day at your arts organization are the norm, but it can seem like a whole other world to a fan. Providing these behind-the-scenes snippets is a great way to give your audiences some engaging exposure into your world.