Increase Your Email Open Rates by 30%

Capacity Interactive AUTHOR: Capacity Interactive
Oct 26, 2010
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Here is a quick and easy way to increase your email open rates by up to 30% or more. Say you send your monthly email newsletter with the subject line “October Monthly Newsletter from My Awesome Theater” to your list of 100,000 people.

The following week you review your campaign analytics and see the email had a 20% open rate. So 20,000 people opened the email. Not bad.

Want to get another 8,000 users to open? A week after sending the first email, send the exact same email to those 80,000 that didn’t open the email the first time with a different subject line. Chances are if someone has not read your email in a week they either deleted it or it has slid down their inbox. Try a totally different subject line approach like “The Latest from My Awesome Theatre.” If you get a 10% open rate on this second email that is 8,000 more readers.

Lets now move this equation to dollars. If the newsletter included a link to a performance that that received a 5% click through, an average purchase of $180 and your email source has a 5% ecommerce conversion rate that is $9,000 in sales from the first email. You send the second email to 80,000 people with a 10% open rate and all other numbers stay constant, that is an additional $3,600 in sales. So not only did you increase your open rate but you just increased your sales from this email by nearly 30%!

One more point to note. If you feel like this tactic is in any way challenging your email integrity, within the email body mention that the email is a re-send. Add a line of text along the lines of “In case you missed it the first time…” This can also minimize reader confusion if they happen to open both emails.