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Summertime is fast approaching, and for many of us in the arts industry on a fall-to-spring season schedule, that means it’s time to gear up for single-ticket on-sales. At CI, we’ve collectively run hundreds of campaigns to promote these big moments. Here’s a roundup of successful tactics we’ve seen, and things to keep in mind as you build your strategy! 

Your single-ticket on-sale can be a huge opportunity to feature your organization’s brand experience, generate excitement, and lock in revenue early for programming happening throughout the season to come. Even if your organization doesn’t see a strong ROI on your single ticket on-sale campaign, you’re still collecting valuable data that will help you remind your audiences to buy tickets as your season gets underway.


When single tickets go on sale, your campaign doesn’t have to be singularly focused on the artists and programs gracing your stage in the upcoming season–especially if you’re facing the all-too-common challenge of waiting on artist permissions to finalize assets and creative. Focusing on your brand experience during the on-sale period can jump start your single-ticket on-sale campaign with engaging, effective storytelling that uses assets already at your fingertips.

That could mean showing—not telling—your prospective patrons what it’s like to visit your venue and experience your art. It could also mean highlighting your organization’s vibrant history and legacy.


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