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Summer is almost here! Don’t forget your last-minute spring cleaning, particularly in your Meta accounts. Meta has thousands of employees working on the issue of scammers and hackers, and they took down 800 million fake accounts in Q3 of 2023 alone–the scale of the problem is substantial, and we don’t want anyone in our community to fall prey and lose account access.

Here are our top three steps to enter summer scam-free:

#1: 2-Factor Authentication

Set up 2-factor authentication (2FA) in your Facebook and Instagram accounts. This will set up 2FA for your personal account, keeping any scammers away from you, as well as removing their path to any Pages you manage. Learn more here.


Complete a Privacy Checkup in Meta. If you want to learn more about controlling your personal privacy, you can also explore the Privacy Center.


Make sure any messages you receive from Meta are truly from Meta. Here are three considerations to help you spot a scam: 

  1. Any threat is probably not a legit email or message–Meta won’t threaten you. 
  2. Meta will never ask for sensitive information via Messenger or email. 
  3. Legit emails from Meta will end in one of the following:

Please report anything suspicious. Meta can catch and disable folks faster when you submit a report. Use or to report.


Get in touch with our Digital Advertising team to have an always-on line of support for your Meta accounts and campaigns!