Four Pilobolus dancers posed all together in an intricate lift resembling a scultpure


Boosting Organic Social Engagement

In September 2014, we partnered with Pilobolus to conduct an audit of their digital marketing efforts, including social media strategy. Our main objective was to position their social content to reach a larger audience and expand user engagement with very limited paid budgets. While Pilobolus had great content, it wasn’t positioned well and therefore wasn’t sending strong signals to Facebook’s algorithms that the content was high quality and engaging. It was important to boost their content using our posting strategy.

Our Facebook posting strategy is built on solid principles including: showcasing thumb-stopping imagery, mindfulness of voice, parity of text, and using strong calls-to-action (CTA’s).

Just 3 months after implementing our recommendations, Pilobolus’ daily reach increased by 217%, with a 312% increase in engaged users on a daily basis.

During the same period, we saw average likes per post increase 922% (from 124 to 1,269), average comments increase from 6 to 110 (+1,613%), and average shares per post increase from 7 to 155 (+2,185%). The increase in likes, comments, and shares served as an influential signal to Facebook’s algorithms, giving it a boost in newsfeed placement and in turn growing organic reach.

Pilobolus FB

*Averages determined based on the 90 days prior (June 1 – Aug. 31) and ~90 days after (Sept. 16 – Dec. 9th) the start of our work with Pilobolus. 

Photo courtesy of Pilobolus


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