Street view of New York City Center's main entrance

New York City Center

We worked with City Center to set up Google Analytics tracking so they could integrate eCommerce into their reporting, making GA far more meaningful.

We have run numerous banner campaigns using targeting methodologies from demo targeting to retargeting, all generating a positive ROI. Most interestingly,  we wanted to test if we could be successful using 100% smart digital targeting to acquire new subscribers, a category not often targeted via banner ads.

After a season of using retargeting technology to sell Encores! single tickets, we had a pixel pool of Encores! single ticket buyers.  We served banner ads to these users, plus any users who’d visited the Encores! subscription pages. Plus we served ads to the social connections of the Encores! STBs, because we know theater fans usually have friends who are also theater fans. No other efforts were made except one sponsored email.

The results? We sold subscriptions to more than 230 new households during the campaign period. We saw an ROI of 846% based on the combined media cost of these two efforts. Read more about this effort here.

Finally, we worked on integrating a post-purchase Facebook share call-out on the City Center website. This call-out asks users to share the performance they are attending with their Facebook friends. From initial testing, we know that each post-purchase share using this tool is worth close to $7 for the company.

Photo courtesy of NYCC

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